We offer the storing of your seaplane near Montréal, in a new and safe place, clean and warm. A true SHOWROOM !
No more snow, wind, rain, ice, corrosion, and more.

Limited access, no work allowed inside. For security purposes, only the owner of the hangar and Santa Claus have the key. See pictures below.
No more snow, wind, rain, ice, corrosion, and more.

For further information, please call Alain at (514) 820-5150.

We also offer

Parking weekly, monthly or seasonal ... depending on your needs.
Gasoline refueling
Gasoline refueling service for aircraft 100LL with high octane.
Complete overhaul
Trust the Boisvert Aviation team for the complete overhaul of your airplane.
We offer professional painting service to restore the luster of your airplane.
Major repairs
Your plane requires major repairs? Trust our professionals.
Seaplane floats
We have the tools and expertise to repair the seaplane floats.


General Hourly Rate98.00$

Parking Rates

Daily parking for your seaplane70.00$
Weekly parking for your seaplane450.00
Monthly parking for your seaplane650.00
Monthly winter parking without annual inspection200.00
Winter Parking from November 1, to April 30 with annual inspection650.00$
Summer parking from May 1 to October 312550.00$
Summer parking without maintenance from May 1 to October 312950.00
The only seaplane base on Montreal Island. Call us at (514) 648-1856